ATB. The ATB Test Bench measures the Transmission Loss (TL) of exhaust and intake silencers of 2W and 4W vehicles.
The TL is an inherent characteristic of the silencer – it depends on diameters, volumes, lengths and internal soundproofing – and it identifies the attenuation level as a function of the frequency: it’s a crucial indicator for the correct design of the silencer.
Besides the TL measurement, the ATB bench has a software function to estimate the levels of Acoustic Power, Acoustic Pressure, Insertion Loss, that are obtained by coupling combustion engines with the measured silencer, provided to know the excitation of the engine (experimentally or by calculation).
How does it work?
You need to put the silencer on the rack, connect the acoustic hosts entering via software the input and output diameters of the silencer, and press START (the test takes less than 1 minute).
The ATB can be used in the process of silencer design, as well as for the quality control in production phase.