PTB. The PTB system measures the backpressure of a silencer, through a compressor driven to flush the silencer itself to the desired flow rate (selectable via software).
Depending on the required power, the PTB module can be installed into the ATB (see image), or as an external unit.
The backpressure is another crucial parameter (in addition to the TL) for characterizing and developing a silencer.
Besides the backpressure measurement the PTB module has a software function to estimate the backpressure in pulsating flow rate conditions – as it happens when the silencer is coupled with a combustion engine.
How does it work?
You need to put the silencer on the rack, connecting the input section to the hose coming from the compressor, then press START (the test takes less than 1 minute).
The PTB module can be used in the design process of silencers, as well as for the Quality Control in the Production.