VMGears CMS (Condition Monitoring System) is a system for the remote monitoring of rotating industrial machines like gears, electric engines, generators and pumps.
How is it composed?
CMS consists of a number of RMU remote units (Remote Monitoring Units); each unit measures and continuously surveys a specific machine; they are connected to a central server receiving and storing the results coming from the various RMU.
What information does it provide?
RMU contains a PC and the electronic of signal conditioning, and it makes measurements and analysis according to a continuous programmed cycle. The system works out indicators linked to the various kind of defects by monitoring their evolution over time and giving an alarm when overcoming the thresholds of acceptability.
How does the RMU operate?
RMU operates by itself on background: compared to a simple data-logger which only transfers signals to a central, the safety of the analysis is significantly increased and the amount of transferred data is decreased.