VMGears QC

VMGears QC is a system for the Quality Control of rotating machines on vibrational basis which is installed along the assembly/production line or integrated into the test bench.
Gears, transmissions, electric engines, pumps, can be monitored in end-of-line conditions thanks to this sophisticated analysis system, which has specifically developed algorithms for each kind of machine.
VMGears system processes indexes linked to the single rotating components inside the machines and to the various types of defects: these indexes are matched with thresholds of acceptability statistically defined to set the OK or NOT OK condition of the workpiece.
VMGears QC can easily be integrated with each line or bench and interfaced with a line supervisor for data exchange (codes, machine parameters, analysis results).
VMGears QC works out a SQL type database and can be used as autonomous system or in a monitoring net checked by a server.