PEI VM Srl is a company with more than 20 years of experience in NVH fields (Noise, Vibration & Harshness), where provides consultancy and measurement system for different application such as: power transmission, automotive, motorcycle, powertools, packaging.

PEI VM develops experimental diagnostic vibrational system

Software is based on advanced and internally developed algorithms for different type of rotating machinery with an ease and user-friendly interface, which shows the operator, even inexperienced ones, which are the defective / damaged components inside the measured machines

Consultancy is done in the customer test bed or in Zola Predosa, where PEI VM has in its facility an semi anechoic used for full characterization test (both vibrational and acoustic)

PEI VM is also an ideal partner to provides software interfaces aimed to implement measurement and/or test.

Since 2018 PEI VM is a part of PEI Srl, Italian company on the market for mare than 40 years, production and selling world leader of guards for machine tools, for which it carries out design and calculation activities aimed at product development and innovation.