ATB – Acoustic Test Bench

ATB (Acoustic Test Bench) performs the measurement of Trasmission Loss and Backpressure of intake and exhaust systems for 2 or 4-wheels vehicles.

The TL is an intrinsic feature of a muffler that describes how much the muffler can attenuate the Sound Power input from the engine. Depending on the design of the muffler, the attenuation of the noise is a function of frequency, therefore the TL is a key indicator for the correct design of the muffler.

ATB software contains a feature to estimate the level of noise that a specific muffler would generate if installed on an engine with known excitations from experimental test analysis or models.

The test bench can be equipped with additional modules to carry out other measurements, to achieve a complete characterization of the product:

PTB module, dedicated to Backpressure measurement

LTB module, dedicated to Leakage measurement.

The ATB is a strategic tool for saving time and costs in R&D phase, because the tests for prototypes optimization can be done with plastic parts and without the need to mount the muffler on the vehicle.

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