Measurement & Acoustic Analysis

PEI VM has a semi-anechoic chamber suitable for various types of test, in particular:

  • Sound power measurements according to the prescriptions of the ISO 3744 / ISO 3746 standards.
  • Measurements of correlation between vibration and noise (problem solving).
  • Measurements of correlation between combustion pressure and noise (for combustion engines).
  • Measurements of  prototypes comparation.
  • Sound Attenuation measurements.

PEI VM offers a consultancy service consisting in measuring and analyzing data, generally dynamic measures:

  • Acoustic measures (Transmission Loss, Sound Attenuation)
  • Vibrational measures
  • Acoustic and vibration correlation
  • Pressure measures (also inside the cylinders in combustion engines)
  • Endurance test monitoring
  • Flow measures
  • Precision measures for transmissions (i.e. measure focused on the evaluation of the transmission error)
  • Strain gauge measures

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