VMGears RD

Research & Development

VMGears RD is a portable system for vibrational analysis of rotating machinery, like gear motor, gearbox and electric motor.

VMGears RD carries in innovative algorithms for specific diagnostic of each component inside the machine: gears, bearing, piston, valves and pumping elements.

VMGears RD shows in an easy and quick way events like dented teeth, abnormal meshing, pitch errors, eccentricity, damaged bearings, unbalanced rotors, worn pumping elements and valve fluttering.

VMGears is a comprehensive system, composed by a dedicated easy-to-use software, a computer, an electronic control unit, sensors and wires, which allow you to carry out a vibrational characterization of the product, identifying the critical components during the development of the product and allowing to design the end-of-line test for the production line.

The acquisition system, from three to sixteen channels, allows (enables) to correlate vibration and noise to other physical variables.

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