NVH. In the NVH field, (Noise, Vibration & Harshness) we offer a measurment and consulting service at our head office (where we have a semi-anechoic room), at the customer’s office or in external facilities.

Our best values: advanced system algorithms, continuous improvement, flexibility, experience of almost 20 years. The areas that attract our services: automotive, motorcycle, transmissions, gearboxes, rotating machinery, packaging, etc... We also provide a continuous consulting service, through resident engineers at the customer’s office. Some kinds of measurements performed:

  • Acoustic measurements according to ISO standards (3744, 3746, 10816, 5349, 2631, etc...)
  • Trasmission Loss and Sound Attenuation measurements
  • Vibrational Fingerprints
  • Vibration / noise correlations to identify causes of noise
  • EMA (Experimental Modal Analysis)
  • ODS (Operational Deflection Shapes)
  • Order Tracking
  • Durability test monitoring